Trace (2015)

Immersive set design
In collaboration Bruce Barton / Theatre Garganuan

Summerworks Theatre Festival 2015

Trace is a ghost telling, a haunting created collaboratively by two performers and a small group of audience members. A sequence of intimate interactions unfolds in a shared space, each linked to and contaminated by all those that precede it. The audience enters a world that has been emptied of – and by – its past. In each performance a unique story is then woven out of memories, traces of experience, offered to and by those who attend. 

Audience members are invited to join their own ghosts with those of the performers in a collective grasp at a visceral yet intangible past.

Directed by Bruce Barton, Performed by Martin Julien, Michelle Polak, Dramaturged by Pil Hansen, Lighting Design by Laird MacDonald, Set Design by Michael Spence, Installation Design by Heather Nicol, Vocal Consultation by Jacquie P.A. Thomas, Movement Consultation by Jacquie P.A. Thomas

Vertical City, co-produced by Theatre Gargantua

Performed at Artscape Youngplace as part of Summerworks 2015