Tornado Pod (Ontario Place, Toronto)

Tornado Pod was developed for "In/Future", a project that temporarily reclaimed Ontario Place, a decomissioned but still iconic site on Toronto’s waterfront. Tornado Pod contemplated its venue; a space formerly used to educate and amuse the public, now with an uncertain future. This installation occupied a concrete silo formerly dedicated to the tornado display, part of a defunct immersive educational exhibit “The Wild World of Weather.” Tornado Pod picked up on the dualities and tensions built into weather itself—the chaotic exterior of the tornado which houses a calm centre. Bringing soft, delicate materials and sounds into the reverberant interior chamber, away from the crowds, visitors encountered a space for listening and slowing down, a self-reflexive world of memories and feelings. The installation explored the passage of time, indecision, anxiety, hope, and possibility. Meditating on how we understand ourselves, the voices of a woman and a child were layered into an ambient audio score that referred to the unpredictably of the wind, the passage of time, and mechanisms to prepare for what is to come. Tornado Pod drew parallels between internal states of uncertainty and the uncertain nature of the future, as exemplified by the unpredictable work of weather. In the same way, Tornado Pod contemplated its venue, as a space where public and private experiences have overlapped and collided. 

Tornado Pod, In/Future Festival, Ontario Place, 2016.