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Resting Place (2018)

Scotty, Berlin

The audio-score for this multi-sensory installation was constructed of dozens of lullabies from many nations, selected from the personal histories of each singer. The project offered a context in which to ask critical questions about cross-cultural encounter, migration, globalization, and national identity. The melodies cascaded from above; below, an intermittent low-register audio line was felt in the body as much a registered with the ears; echoing passing storms, insomnia, and restlessness. The repurposed white clothing was donated to the Red Cross, reminding the artist of charity, holiness, bedding, brides, or medical attire. 

At Resting Place, the audience navigated an intimate somatic experience – possibly lying down, next to strangers – and are given a visceral opportunity to confront notions of privacy and personal space. In these anxious Neoliberal times of precarious work and uncertain outcomes, allowing oneself the space to daydream, “do nothing”, or wonder about the welfare of others has become scarce, even disdained. Listening, gentle surrender and deep listening can be situated as acts of defiance.

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