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Can’t Let Go

Holding Patterns at Planet Storage / Art Spin, 2018

curated by Rui Pimenta and Layne Hinton

Sound and memory share many properties: invisibility, fluidity, range of intensity. Experienced in the moment, a sonic detail can evoke a complex web of thoughts and emotions that blur boundaries between the past, present and future. Music can get “stuck in your head”, or trigger visceral recollections. This interactive installation features a multichannel audio-score based on songs and text of love and longing.

Storage locker facilities house millions of hidden objects behind closed doors – collected, held on to, potentially forgotten. Many are cherished for their nostalgic potential. Memory - a prize possession - is fragile and immaterial, simultaneously embodied and ungraspable. At moments, memories can be keenly wished for, yet vexingly elusive. At others, they can be invasive and difficult to navigate. 

Heather Nicol in collaboration with musician Rebecca Campbell 

Performed by

Rebecca Campbell, vox songs and text

Rob Murphy — keys

Kevin Bell — guitar

Kevin Jeffrey — bass

Malcolm Gould — drums

Songs by Robbie Robertson, Bruce Springsteen, Randy Weeks.

Text by Sarah Kane, excerpt from “Crave”  

Recorded at Ratspace Studios, Toronto

With special thanks to Robin Easton and Phil Strong.